our mission

our mission

ONE Fitness and Therapy was created by two coaches —Chrissy Bowman, a postural and physical trainer, and Adam Davis, a transformation-focused personal trainer —in 2022 with a mission

to help our clients achieve their dream bodies and lifestyles.

Our personalized coaching programs include

Once-a-week virtual coaching sessions

Customized workout + postural therapy plans

Easy-to-use app

that tracks your progress and reminds you to complete your fitness routine

Nutritional guidance

to transform your body and lifestyle? Book a free coaching consultation now!

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight loss, optimize your body composition, prevent injuries, or completely overhaul your lifestyle, OneFitness has the tools and expertise to help you live your best life.

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What our clients say:

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Chrissy Bowman and Adam Davis: ONE Fitness and Therapy
Personal Training
∞ Postural Therapy

We offer in-personal and virtual sessions.

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